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ChrusherComix Studios is the flagship banner for the sequential artwork, writing, videos, graphic art projects and websites of Christopher Galletta Stevens. The name Chrusher Comix is an acronym derived from the author's long-running, previously unpublished comic - Chris' Crusher Comics. Chris has produced (created, illustrated, colored, and published) award-winning comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, cartoons, children's books and graphic art for over twenty years. In addition, he creates web banners, logos, DVDs, YouTube videos, and has created and runs the following websites, and can do similar websites, graphics and artwork for you!

ChrusherComix Studios is the sole designer and webmaster for the following websites and producer of all photos, videos, and artwork therein (unless noted): Chrusher - Comic Books & Graphic Novels, The Adventures of Towner & Friends - Comic Strip and Book, and Galletta's Greenhouse and Galletta's Go-Kart Racing Club websites.

Chrusher Comix

Galletta's Karting Club

Galletta's Greenhouse

Towner Comics

ChrusherComix | A Graphic Novel & Comic Book Archive
Galletta's Karting Club | Professional Caliber Karting at a Yard Kart Budget
Galletta's Greenhouse operates seasonally from Spring through Summer providing Oswego County with the most beautiful flowers and highest-quality plants for the absolute cheapest prices for over half a century. Every May is BUSY SEASON at Galletta's Greenhouse in Oswego, NY! Every year we update the website with new brand new pictures of the fowers and plants taken every May-through-Summer.
Towner | A Comic Strip & Children's Book
Comic book and interrelated graphic novel. Over 1,000 sample pages available to read on the website for free and buy in print. YouTube videos documenting our free karting club & backyard dirt speedway located behind Galletta's Greenhouse. Hundreds of free-to-watch videos, pictures, stats, and race descriptions on the website. Finest flowers & plants for the cheapest prices in Oswego, NY. Directions and hundreds of free to view pictures and useful info. The site is an example of our photography and usage. Comic Strip & Compilation. Hundreds of sample strips available to read on the website for free and buy in print.

If you need a quick and affordable banner or logo such as the websites and logos found here for your website, or just a quick and descriptive website itself, one can be done for an affordable price, sometimes for absolutely free. Pricing for similar work? Go here.
*** WARNING - UNPAID CUSTOMER LISTING: ChrusherComix Studios no longer does finished work before pay thanks to fine customers like Oswego Kartway, who not only did not pay for logos and banners used for one full season, but also mocked and threatened the artist, his family and friends.

Established 2007; Last Updated 2011 Posted by Christopher Galletta Stevens

Chrusher Comix - A Graphic Novel

ChrusherComix - The Webcomic!
mix (short for Chris' Crusher Comics) is a new ongoing Graphic Novel and its interrelated, though interdependent comic book archive (produced from 1988-current) created, written, illustrated, colored & copyrighted © by Christopher Galletta Stevens. It is both available as a free webcomic and also sold in print format with exclusive bonus material. Parental Advisory: Most of this material is rated anywhere between PG-13 to Rated-R; or Web-14 to Web-Mature. Author makes new pages regularly, but increased readership, votes, reviews and sales increases production speed (in other words, I have to have a day job).

The brand new web graphic novel, "END CYCLE" from 2007-current!
Book One: Issue #1

Buy UnCensored Edition
Buy Censored Edition

End Cycle - Page 1 End Cycle - Page 2 introduction into a madman's mind. Page 3 we see him at work. Page 4 we meet a beautuiful dancer. Page 5 The dancer appears to be a slut. Page 6 Yep, she's a slut.
Page 7 Two young men fight over her. Page 8 DUDE! I just blew my face off! Page 9 That's gross! Cool. Page 10 WTF is that?! A Ninja?! Page 12 Detective Gibbs & Forensic Artist Kristoph at a crime scene. Page 13 A dismembered woman and a note.
Page 14 Police officer Egglestone. Page 15 A mysterious woman arrives at the scene. Page 16 Gibbs hits on her, Chase leaves. Page 17 Kristoph at his office. Page 18 Ms. Sakra Neeja warns Chase of being targeted. The original "Classic Crusher Comics" 1000+ page archive (My amatuer high school stuff - NOT the new graphic novel.)

Issue Summary: A murderer is on the loose, and forensic artist/private detective Chace Kristoph meets up with a psychic detective named Neeja Sakra who has a mutual interest in the serial killer.

Currently being produced & updated: "Chrusher - End Cycle; Issue #2."
Book One: Issue #2
Issue 2, Cover - What's that? A Stripper? Intro to 2nd issue (recap of issue #1 for those who missed it.) 1st page of issue #2 - Some old perv? 3rd page of 2nd issue! OK, seems a little graphic, Chris. Issue #2; Page 4 - Okay, REALLY gettin' graphic. Issue #2; Page 5 - Throwing a bone to all the pervs out there.
Issue #2; Page 6 Issue #2; Page 7 Issue #2; Page 8 Issue #2; Page 9 - Debuts 1/27/2009 Issue #2; Page 10 - Debuts 2/10/2009
VOTE to see the newest page!

Issue Summary: We meet Senator Stephen D. Foule, who has a somewhat peculiar relationship with a beautiful assistant, and his son, Ronald S. Foule, while Chace and Neeja meet up with the M.E..

And don't forget about the interrelated but independent prelude to the above graphic novel - ChrusherComix "Classics". Started when the author was in high school as a sketchbook with storyline, "Chris' Crusher Comics" evolved into ChrusherComix, an ongoing comic book series filled with largely comedy, action, and adventure. The above graphic novel is the mature finale to the below series, but does not need the original series to stand on its own.

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Established 1990; Last Updated 2011 Posted by Christopher Galletta Stevens

Galletta's Karting Club

Galletta's Greenhouse Karting Club & Backyard Speedway - Oswego, NY -  Central NY's largest, longest-running, most talented,  & most affordable karting division & points series!
Galletta's Karting Club is a free gas flathead kart racing league that holds an annual points series via weekly races June through October behind Galletta's Greenhouse in Oswego, New York. Established in the early 1990s, we race professionally for backyard yard kart prices. Most karting divisions cost a few grand to enter let alone even competing for wins. Not us. We rebelled against the philosophy of standard WKA-type rule sets and created a simple, easy and affordable rule set and method to keep the speeds close, competition closer, and all while being the most affordable karting club in the area and likely the country. Feel free to view any of our highlight reel videos on YouTube. Entire races are available (complete races in DVD quality are available on DVD for only $5 per disc).

Please watch
some of our 50 newest DVD Highlight Reel videos via YouTube. We have over 100 up on Galletta's Karting On YouTube (by ChrusherComix Studios)

Our karts are 1-Wheel-Drive Gas Flathead racing karts - hybrid machines that are somewhat between a racing flat kart and a yard kart, taking the best points of both. Our motors are standard 5hp Briggs and Stratton L-Head/flathead engines with gas stock carburetors, and the only racing mods are non-slapper racing cams and shaved heads. 16th Annual Galletta's Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 page (& video)Galletta's Karting Club provided the Oswego Speedway's Dirt Kartway with the largest, longest, and most exciting Classic in its history (and the tape don't lie).We run 45-60 laps every weekend June through September, and finish our points season with our annual 200-Lap "Klassic" Championship, which we've run since 1996. We have one class, equalizing weight differences by weight and gearing, making everyone almost completely identical in speed, forcing driver skill to decide the outcome, and not money spent or craftiness cheating. With speeds close to most racing classes (on a local kartway, we timed less than a second slower than classes that cost 10 times as much as ours), and the largest class in the area (averaging between 8-15 karts topping at around 20-30 different drivers a year while most other classes equal 3-10 with only around 3-15 different drivers per year), and by far the tightest competition in the area (we average 6-12 different winners per year and the closest points race in the area). We also have the most experienced drivers in the area, with most of our drivers having 5-20 years racing experience on our club that has existed since 1990, while other baring divisions and tracks have existed for less than 5 years. Judging by all of this, we believe that we are the best competition for the dollar in any racing division in the area and quite possibly the world. You can watch our races, or join us by simply entering a race - all for free. We are not a business, we are a not-for-profit backyard racing club - we do all of this because we are all racers who want to race and are not interested in making a buck or gaining worldwide fame and fortune off of a hobby. For the full website, go here: Galletta's Greenhouse Karting Club, Oswego New York.


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Established 1997; Last Updated 2011 Posted by Christopher Galletta Stevens

The Adventures of Towner & Friends

Towner Comics - The Webcomic!

Towner a free-to-read, family-friendly, all-ages comic strip created in 1997 by Christopher Galletta Stevens as a family-friendly super-deformed, miniaturized apparitions of his own ChrusherComix characters in a cute little-kids format, with the main character named after the author's favorite composer, John Towner Williams. The webcomic debuted online in 2006 and an anthology was printed in 2009.

The Adventures of Towner & Friends (Opens in new window)

This website contains all of Towner's comic strip adventures, which are also collected in a new trade paperback. If you enjoy the strip, please help the author by purchasing copies.

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Sunday, August 26, 2011 7:27 AM Posted by Christopher Galletta Stevens

Galletta's Greenhouse

ChrusherComix Studios owns and operates the website for Galletta's Greenhouse has served Oswego, New York with the finest and highest quality flowers, plants and vegetables for over 50 years.

Galletta's Greenhouse of Oswego, NY

Below is just a small sample of our selection of some of our best-selling products:



Hanging Baskets



Specialty & Mother's Day Gifts

Viola & Pansies



Basically, in addition to Chris and his wife being the photographers for all of the pictures found on the website, it is also his seasonal day job from February through July assisting his family in growing, planting, watering and selling. We are open May through Summer every year. Please support your local, family-run small businesses - they are the staples of our economy on a micro and macro scale. Visit the website for directions.


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Est. 1988; Last Updated 2011 7:27 AM Posted by Christopher Galletta Stevens

"Classic" Chrusher Comix - The Original Series

Parental Advisory: The below material is rated anywhere between PG to Rated-R.
The 1988-1999 Classic Crusher Comic Archive

"Classic Crusher Comics" is the interrelated, though interdependent prequel comic book series to the above graphic novel. The series innocently enough started based in a high school setting in the late 1980s and early 1990s and is largely a character-driven comedy with slapstick humor artistically crafted with the focus of gleeful humiliation via carefully crafted violence and soul-destruction, morphing secretly hidden elements of an epic story arc that stretches decades, it is an exercise in precise plot progression over a long series. The archived comic is an amateur "sketchbook with a storyline" that the author created, wrote, and illustrated between 1988-1999 in his teens and twenties, with occasional retcon updates thrown in when the author feels like building on the past stories or tying up loose ends that he left for future coverage. It also features fan-art comics by the author's friends, which the author puts into the story as canon spin-offs of the series. It's just fun, folks... and hell, if YOU wanted to join the cast, make a character and story and pass it by the author... maybe - if you "get" the author's intent and don't contradict the author - you'll be the next character or story arc! That's how the story was written, and what makes it infectious to those involved and a unique slap in the face to today's era of now clichéd postmodernism and de-constructionalism focusing on nonsensical pop culture references and a thinly veiled hatred of traditional political, economic and religious institutions guided by the politically motivated biases of the Fabian socialists. This unpublished comic book features mostly character-driven comedic material with action/adventure subplots from the author's sketchbooks and notebooks. Enjoy:

The original "sketchbook with a storyline" Classic Crusher Comics from 1988-1999! Progressively improving artwork & always funny! From my amateur archives.
The "Classic Crusher Comics" Collection:
(Issues #1-46)
(Chrono) (Inverted Chrono)

Classic ChrusherComix #2 - 1988: The Madness of Scott "The Cow" & Obliterator's Return Volume 1, Part 11: Classic Chrono-ChrusherComix #11 (1988) Cow's Rake Science The legendary WELFORCE ISSUE #1 Chrusher No. 16 (1989) - RaYzor The Hitman's Hostile Takeover of Welforce! THE GRAPHIC NOVEL - WRATH OF THE RAKE (1989-90)
Volume 2, Part 4: Chrono-Chrusher Episode 26 overall (1990) Last Dayz of The Glare pt.1 Crusher Year Three, Pt 1. No. 30 Overall (1990-91) - The Attack of King Babah The Dawn of Steven "The Barbarian Bond" Howeird! The Renegade VikingSpikster DOMINATES! Overall (1990-91) Year 3: Pt. 2 Chrusher No. 34 (1991-92) Year 4 THE OGRE SOUNDTRACK STORYBOOK! RARAAAARRRH! Volume 2: The Return of the Chrusher & The New Welforce (1995)
Chrusher Comics Volume 2 - Episode #39 - Chrusher Comics Episode #39: The Arrival of the Dark Conquerors, A Quickie-edition! (1996) Meet the Welphy Family #1 (1997) Your life will never be the same. What happens when I recieve fan-art? Easy! I color it, add to it, and make it canon! The only comic author in the world to do this! Read RaYzor comics #1! Chrusher #43; Volume 2, RaYzor Comic - "Don't Judge A Book..." Chrusher Volume 2, Part 5 - LUNATICIALS!!!! The Revenge of the Retards! As the ChrusherComix Universe continues on its usual, character-driven oddness, retards with special super-powers come for Scott “Cow” Gagnon for revenge. Read Lunaticials # 1 (1998) ChrusherComix - Issue #46: A Welphy Christmas (Annual)

Winner of: 1st place in The Empire State School Press Association's "Best Cartoon of the Academic Year." 1st & 2nd Place three times in three years in The Syracuse Newspapers Post-Standard Editorial Writing & Cartoon Contest! I created, wrote, and illustrated this unpublished amateur comic book during my teenage and twenties from 1988 through 1999. This character-driven "sketchbook with a storyline" was intended to be an action/adventure comedy for and about teens and/or immature adults when the author was both. In 2005, it was reborn online as a free webcomic with some colorized pages. Voted the greatest unpublished comic of all-time by the handful of people who actually read the thing. Expanded menu found here.

"Classic Crusher Comics" starts in the late 1980s and early 1990s featuring a noble, justice-minded lad known as "The Chrusher" in his teenage years in high school and beyond with his heroic friends known as "The Conquerors" battling against corrupt public school employees and a group of evil nerds, 'Roid-Ragin' bullies, and misfits known as "The Welforce." Filled in these initial adventures were Chrusher himself, Mike Butski, Ronald "The Cool Fool" Foule, Ian "The Brain" Babbler, Scott "The Cow" Gangonia, RaYzor "The Hitman" Cadildo, Donald "The Obliterator" Foule, Justin "The Grim Raker" Plankton, Keith "The Slasher" Clarkson, Steven "The Barbarian Bond" Howeird, Jo-Jo Bunns Kibbles, and a masked criminal dressed in chromed samurai armor known as King Babah. The story continued through all of the 1990s with plenty of humorous interludes with characters such as the angry Welphys, and a gang of super-powered disabled ands handicapped people led by "Bastard Buck" and Mr. Corrodedwithshitfaceman known as "The Lunaticials." Over 1,200 free comic book and graphic novel pages are available and non-contradictory 'retcon' material added as Easter eggs to find within. It was Adult Swim nearly two decades before it was on the air, except I was a kid in the late '80s through mid '90s when I did them.

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Sunday, August 26, 2006 7:27 AM Posted by Christopher Galletta Stevens

Tee & Wee: Nutrition for Young Earthlings

Tee and Wee is a children's book about two colorful aliens who observe earth culture and determine that humans - young ones in particular - are hurting themselves with poor diets and a lack of adequate exercise. They plan to remedy the situation via education, teaching young earthlings how to eat a balanced, healthy diet and that exercise is very important to live a long, healthy, happy life.

Tee & Wee - A Children's Book about Health & Nutrition

Tee & Wee was written by Robert Buchanan and illustrated by Christopher Galletta Stevens. The first edition is out-of-print, but the co-creators are in the process of printing a second edition, which we will update here.

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Chrusher Comix

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ChrusherComix - Comic Books & Graphic Novels (est. 1988)
Galletta's Gas Stocker Karting Club & Backyard Speedway (est. 1995)
Galletta's Greenhouse of Oswego, NY (est. 1945)
The Adventures of Towner & Friends - Comic Strip (est. 1997)


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