The mysterious and rare 4th season of ChrusherComix. So rare, only the creator/writer/artists knows of it.

The Chrusher and his friends (and classmates) have made it to their 4th and final season at the Oswegonian High School. We have seen much during the crazy first three years, and this seldom-seen, somewhat rare issue ties loose ends and wraps up the finale of Chris’ Crusher Comics.

Chrusher and the Conquerors meets their doppelgangers of nearby Pulasonian High, a group known as Martin Scovillian, The Spiceman and The Headstrong Posse! And  they meet Cow Gangnoni, who is seeking a most rare collectible – a Golden Crayon! Ian Babbler, Ronald Foule and Mike Butski break up Welforce with a welf-war! And a matte black garbed entity lurks in the horizon, lethal and clearly psychotic.

Enjoy the finale!

© 1991-1992 Christopher Galletta Stevens