Chrusher: End Cycle. #1 Written and Illustrated by Christopher Galletta Stevens

Standard Comic Full Color Page Count: 20 POD

A serial killer systematically slaughters three people. And although forensic artist/private detective Chace “Chrusher” Kristoph has been tracking the psychopath, a mysterious psychic detective named Neeja Sakra alerts him that he may have unwittingly become the target of the killer he seeks. All the while haunted by a beautiful woman from his past. A globe-spanning thriller about crime, love, hatred, and revenge. This Graphic Novel is being debuted in serialized comic book format before released as a book.

Don’t forget to not only read the graphic novel, but the archives featuring the character and adventure-driven ChrusherComix from 1988-2000!

Chrusher: End Cycle #1 (Rated-R Edition) TM and © Christopher Galletta Stevens. All rights reserved.

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