Chris Stevens’ Crusher Comic Mix – ChrusherComix

In 1988, an Oswego High School freshman named Chris Stevens decided to take his talent of drawing and entertain himself and his friends by drawing a sketchbook-with-a-storyline featuring character-driven comedy and violence. It became a hit. This whole website is devoted to the ongoing series that started as sketches on lined paper, was at first scored and then noted by teachers – and eventually became part of the Oswego High School student newspaper – the Buccaneer Bulletin – and took 1st place two years, 2nd place one year, and won the Best Cartoon of the Academic Year (1989-90) during its tenure there. Eventually, the comic evolved from the silly slapstick/crude humor gag comics into the sophisticated professional artwork in the graphic novel that you see today. Originally known as Chris’ Crusher Comics – portmanteau to ChrusherComix for the interwebz. Enjoy!

The comic book has spanned over twenty years, produced in on-again/off-again spurts during the last two decades. Over 1,000 pages spanning over thirty issues, with a brand new graphic novel being produced today! Explore!

© 1988-up Created, Written, Illustrated, Colored, and web published by Christopher Galletta Stevens unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved.