The Last DaYz of the Glare #1 (Feb. 1990)

The Last DaYz of the Glare #1
(Feb. 1990, ChrusherComix #11 – Year Two #1)

Chrusher is dead. Killed by the juvenile named, “Roboman” Reegun, an immature 12-year-old boy – with an unhealthy obsession with evil masterminds in both human history and fiction – dressed up on a metal suit that dangerously emits lethal amounts of energy. Instructions left by Chrusher instruct the remaining Conquerors to have a No Holds Barred/Mixed- Martial-Arts/Wrestling/Boxing battle royale at Fort Crusher to determine who will become the new leader. RaYzor cheats to win, and leads the Conquerors into battle against the Welforce. But are they too much for RaYzor’s abilities?

From 2/1990, colored 3/2/2013.