1991-05-01- Crusher-Comics-Year-Three-Issue-4

Battle of the Bloodsword (1991)

What the fuck has the 16-year-old Chrusher and his high school buds gotten themselves into? They go directly in a head-on attack of a secret castle dwelling a large, armored, sword-wielding crime lord?! Oh, and he has a ninja clan to boot. A kinda’ wimpy, Saturday-morning jobber one, but one nonetheless. I mean, are you kidding me? This cannot end well. These boys are WAY over their heads. Battle of the Bloodsword wraps up Year Three of ChrusherComix. And not all will survive. Promise.

Our Special Ed friend and occasional contributer – RaYzor “Special” Castaldo –  gave us a wonderful Special Editioning of this legendary page from 11/27/2015:

 photo 12325980_481617792010567_875434571_o.jpg

*NOTE* – RaYzor forgot that this page is from 1991 and the character was created in 1990. The Mortal Kombat character Sub-zero debuted in 1992.