The original madness cover (1990-1991)


Remastered cover (03/18/2014)

One of the most perplexing, odd, unique, dangerous, insane, sadistic, immoral – and hilarious characters in the ChrusherComix Universe – The ‘Spick-and-Span-Madman’, Steven “The Renegade Barbarian Bond” Howeird !Let the madness of Howeirdmania begin!

Wallowing in the dump after being humiliated after being bested by fellow new recruits while trying out for the Conquerors, what little sanity Steven had has now been extinguished. He begins chanting in an undetermined (and possibly made up?) language, says he is the offspring of several nonsensical mixes of ethnicities (that would be difficult, if not near-impossible, to be), wears nothing but a loincloth of some sort of jackal, hyena or large wild cat, wields a giant axe, does not wash nor groom himself, has a perverse worship of feces, and most bizarre of all… his sexuality takes an extremely curious freedom from boundaries – with woman, man, and animal alike — all seemingly fair game to his rampaging hormone-driven rage! Back then, it was insane. Today? Meh, don’t judge.

This is the original version, which has been only minimally touched up from 20-year-old pencil on sketchbook paper. A proper remastering/finishing process awaits.



Original cover from 1990-91, not remastered: