The Arrival of the Lunaticials | The RaYzor’s Edge #2 (1997-07-08)


Revision after I realized that the cover does not properly portray the comic inside.

The Arrival of the Lunaticials | The RaYzor’s Edge #2 (1997-07-08)

Chrusher and the gang look on in horror as RaYzor has been attacked by the loose cannon mercenary named Keith “Slasher” Clarkson – a grown-@$$ madman who wears a hooded mask like Cobra Commander and sports very sharp Wolverine-like claws (since the “Raked @$$” incident of 1988 – see “Rake Science”). Keith is coming for revenge after their once friendly rivalry started getting out of hand (see the “Slasher Comics” fan art section). What will happen to poor ol’ RaYzor, who’s life seems to always take on these odd twists and turns of proud triumph followed by humiliation.

Meanwhile, an all new chapter is unfolding. An all-new batch of characters, complete with a roll call! From a short bus crash emerges a most peculiar lot — The Lunaticials!!!

Lunaticials are ©®™ Written, Illustrated, colored and published by Christopher Galletta Stevens (Written & Illustrated – 1997, Colored & Web-debuted – 2006)