Chrono-Episode #39: Remastered 20th Anniversary Cover to one of the most senselessly violent issues in the comic’s violent history!

Chrusher Comix Universe Chrono-Episode #39 – “The Arrival of the Dark Conquerors” (10-Minute Quickie-Comic Series #1):
Darkness surrounds The Conquerors. Chrusher, Mush, RaYzor, Cow, and Ricktor have become twisted vigilantes, far from the goodie-two-shoes justice-seekers they had been for years. Chrusher has been slowly refining his mysterious and latent telekinetic powers, but seeing “goodness” steadily leaving the normal populace, he has turned from the way of peace and forgiveness that his eccentric, yet God-fearing mother Mare would prefer. Instead, he and his brethren have turned vengeful on those who have wronged them. This starts at the local speedway where arrogant, mildly retarded red-necks with too much disposable income and random Welforce agents stumble upon painful interludes. Beat-downs, pain, hospitalizations, and laughter will ensue. Drawn as a goof with a beer buzz in 10 minutes or less. Not my best art nor story, but chock-full of sadistic violence. And wait… what?! NO! Danny Boyce’s complete and utter victory?! How is this possible?!

© 1996 – Written, illustrated, colored & by Christopher Galletta Stevens (for my little bro Matt and my good friends Ray and Scott).

Creator’s Corner: This issue in particular was specifically done for two of my best my friends RaYzor C.and Scott G., and my beloved little bro, Matt S., who love these comics so much they sometimes risk their health laughing so hard at them – especially Scott. One might note that the artwork was not on par with earlier comics (that were on a professional level), and the plot was a tad more nonsensical and hell-bent on just finding an excuse to use (at times slapstick) violence chock full of lethal moves that horribly maim, yet not kill their victims, and pro-wrestling style finishers with a deadly twist. Why? Well, boredom and self-lesson – to draw a story as quick as I could without a care to whether it even looks good, just to get comics done as quick as I can. Much like I did in 1988-89 with Year One – my high school sketchbook with a storyline. I used no pencils, just ink (so mistakes were left for the most part), and the goal was speed and hilarity. As rabid fans of violent fighting video games, martial arts movies, and Pro Wrestling, we played into a little late-teens/early-twenties steam to burn off and senselessly defeated a few people who we didn’t like much. Low-IQ, rich redneck drunk jerks at the local speedway (who cheered a little too hard for their favorite driver and cheered a little too much when misfortune fell upon our favorite driver), and a few guys we knew who basically were rude to use, ungrateful for our hospitality (see earlier issue – ‘Old Friends/New Enemies’ – play into that as well). How Ron Foule nonsensically got in there, is completely Ray – obsessed with the running-joke of starting off nearly every storyline with demolishing the poor skinny nerdy “Cool Fool” kid (and his brain fell out AGAIN?!). Keep also in mind that these were drawn AFTER we went to the local speedway, camped out in my camp-house with a few beers in us – lamenting all the really hot girls and ex-girlfriends that we didn’t get to “do” in high school because we were just too shy/immature to get some, and taking that frustration out in violent comics. If you look at it as a 21-22 year old buds drawing violent comics, you’ll laugh with us. If you look at it as a work of art, you’ll leave offended. And if you are offended, then fuck off, I got comics to draw.