End Cycle #2

The End Cycle graphic novel continues as we meet a Senator Foule, the intriguing relationship he has with his beautiful assistant, and learn more about the grizzly murder scene in issue #1.

A serial killer systematically slaughters three people. And although forensic artist/private detective Chace “Chrusher” Kristoph has been tracking the psychopath, a mysterious psychic detective named Neeja Sakra alerts him that he may have unwittingly become the target of the killer he seeks. All the while haunted by a beautiful woman from his past. A globe-spanning thriller about crime, love, hatred, and revenge. This Graphic Novel is being debuted in serialized comic book format before released as a book.

Don’t forget to not only read the graphic novel, but the archives featuring the character and adventure-driven ChrusherComix from 1988-2000!

Issue #1 Index:

End Cycle - Page 1 End Cycle - Page 2 introduction into a madman's mind. Page 3 we see him at work. Page 4 we meet a beautuiful dancer. Page 5 The dancer appears to be a slut. Page 6 Yep, she's a slut.
Page 7 Two young men fight over her. Page 8 DUDE! I just blew my face off! Page 9 That's gross! Cool. Page 10 WTF is that?! A Ninja?! Page 12 Detective Gibbs & Forensic Artist Kristoph at a crime scene. Page 13 A dismembered woman and a note.
Page 14 Police officer Egglestone. Page 15 A mysterious woman arrives at the scene. Page 16 Gibbs hits on her, Chase leaves. Page 17 Kristoph at his office. Page 18 Ms. Sakra Neeja warns Chase of being targeted. The original "Classic Crusher Comics" 1000+ page archive (My amatuer high school stuff - NOT the new graphic novel.)

Issue Summary: A murderer is on the loose, and forensic artist/private detective Chace Kristoph meets up with a psychic detective named Neeja Sakra who has a mutual interest in the serial killer.

ISSUE #2 Index:

Issue 2, Cover - What's that? A Stripper? Intro to 2nd issue (recap of issue #1 for those who missed it.) 1st page of issue #2 - Some old perv? 3rd page of 2nd issue! OK, seems a little graphic, Chris. Issue #2; Page 4 - Okay, REALLY gettin' graphic. Issue #2; Page 5 - Throwing a bone to all the pervs out there.
Issue #2; Page 6 Issue #2; Page 7 Issue #2; Page 8 Issue #2; Page 9 - Debuts 1/27/2009 Issue #2; Page 10 - Debuts 2/10/2009
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Issue Summary: We meet Senator Stephen D. Coule, who has a somewhat peculiar relationship with a beautiful assistant, and his son, Ronald S. Foule, while Chace and Neeja meet up with the M.E..