With the madness of the Welphys and Lunatiials invading the Crusher Comic Universe, there is no end to the depravity. I mean… look… they just ruined Christmas, now!

It’s Christmastime in the year 1999¬†in the ChrusherComix Universe, with the craziness of the Y2K meltdown looming, Annette and Thomas Welphy go Christmas shopping for one of their grandchildren. Except Annie does not celebrate Christmas. In fact, she despises it and everyone who celebrates it. Her hatred and unbridled fury at Holiday shopping and that ‘everybody-wants-yet-it-is-impossibly-hard-to-find’ toy for her mildly retarded grandchildren lead to devastation and destruction in her wake.¬†And let us not forget about poor ol’ Tommy, who’s immense stomach, hunger and severe gastro-intestinal¬†digestive disorders¬†simply can never keep him out of trouble. Oh, and then there’s that pesky Phaggio… who has a deep fetish for Thomas. And Lunaticials wandering around the mall… Oh boy… what have I done… what have I created… help us all….

[PS – This is a holiday comic is ongoing and seems to never end. Meaning, it gets occasional additions from time to time, including an annual page or two for a while. When there’s time and a new idea, more pages will follow… so check back often.]

Art & Story © 12/2000 & up Christopher Galletta Stevens (
Colorized Collage Cover © 2/2015 Christopher Galletta Stevens (