The 20th Anniversary cover to the 1st issue of Chris' Crusher Comics - AKA ChrusherComix for short!

The 20th Anniversary cover to the 1st issue of Chris’ Crusher Comics – AKA ChrusherComix for short!

In 1988, an Oswego High School freshman named Chris Stevens decided to take his talent of drawing and entertain himself and his friends by drawing a sketchbook-with-a-storyline featuring character-driven comedy and violence. It became a hit. His friends loved it, and got new friends because of it. Eventually, his reputation preceded him and he became a cartoonist on the High School’s Newspaper. But everyone had to start somewhere… the following pages have the charming, yet flawed art of a creative, but immature 14 year old. And since I don’t believe in censorship, I won’t censor myself. This whole website is devoted to the ongoing series that started as sketches on lined paper and evolved into the sophisticated professional artwork you see today. Enjoy!


Classic ChrusherComix #1 | Chrusher vs. Foule vs. Butski!

It is the year 1988, and two 14-year-old high school misfits and nerds — named Mike Butski and Ronald Foule — have a fight in the Oswegonian High School hallways, then drag Chris Crusher into their spat. This seemingly meaningless high school disagreement birthed a twenty year grudge match which spreads all the way to the “Chrusher: End Cycle” graphic novel. Witness the humble beginnings of the “ChrusherComix” universe and watch it grow from an amateur, silly serial in a high school notepad twenty years ago to a full-fledged comic book today. The complete collection begins with this issue, which is itself a collection of the first three mini-issues in normal comic book format. Enjoy!

In the late 1980s at an everyday high school in Oswegonia, a war is brewing between a band of nerds and misfits known as The Welforce, inept and corrupt school faculty, low-level criminal masterminds, and a band of teen quasi-vigilantes known as The Conquerors – led by a lad known as Chris Crusher – or Chrusher for short. Starting in 1988 when 14-year-old Christopher Galletta Stevens drew a comic book in high school study hall to entertain himself and his friends. The book continued ever since, and — after never seeing print and being in storage for two decades — has now finally seen publication! Read the exciting, humorous, and highly action-packed “sketchbook with a storyline” from the first crappily-done issues! The saga ends in the new interrelated — but not interdependent — “Chrusher: End Cycle” – which is also being printed simultaneously. Enjoy the unknown comic book which readers call the funniest ‘unknown’ comic they ever read!

Original Version of the Cover – 1988

The very 1st page (from 9/??/1988) was funny, but it kind of sucked. It never was and still isn’t a very good way to start off an epic, twenty-plus year comic book. Here it is:

2004 Revised Cover

In 2004-05, I tinkered with remastering these shattily-drawn opening comics. Here is my 1st attempt, somewhat more eye-catching, yet also more garish than the original!

And yes, I WAS WRITING IN THE THIRD PERSON! MWHAHAHAH! I do that a lot here describing my own work!

Regardless, most people tend to have attention spans of houseflies on crack. I beg of you, please do not do what 98.9% of most people do… do not turn away, but rather explore these massive comic archives! It eventually turns from this to the professionally produced graphic novel you see starting in the 2000’s. If you give it a shot, you will laugh at the funny ones and be impressed by the thrilling ones. It’s… what I do. Enjoy!

Classic Chrusher Comix #1 TM and ©  Christopher Galletta Stevens. All rights reserved.

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