“Nobody’s slashing anything off me!” (BLACK AND WHITE EDITION!)

Terminator defends himself against Klarkson, but Chrusher and Crasher have been kinda’ freaked out about all these lethally sharp blades flyin’ around.

© 1988-89 Chris Galletta Stevens
(Special Remastered Edition from 11/28/2015)
(Revised Mystery Science Theatre edition co-written by Ray C. from 12/2/2015)

Okay… this once rather mundane page in the ChrusherComix Universe page has gone through quite a bit in the last quarter century. All during the 25th Anniversary remastering/coloring process. What do I mean? Read and compare for yourself:


EVOLUTION of a 27-Year Old Comic Book Page:

It all began 27 years ago with this pencil on lined paper comic page by 14-year-old me. The original version from sometime during the winter of 1988-89:

Pretty mundane and simple, nothing stands out, but it’s moving the story along.

Well, now you are in for a special treat!

In the middle of the 25th anniversary coloration/re-masteration of this page, occasional fan / friend / traitor / contributor RaYzor “Special” C. was asked if he had any ideas on a “George Lucas Special Editioned” of¬†this very page. He got back to me¬†with his mad LEET MS Surface sKILLz. In other words, he tried really hard to MST/Rifftrac it.

Before RaYzor’s input:

 photo chrusher19890128-ROAST-BEEF.jpg

After RaYzor’ input:

 photo 12312077_481613338677679_780276095_n.jpg

While Mr. Zor’s new captions were indeed humorous, he ignored all character traits and seemingly turned the characters gay, and violently so (he must be watching too many TV shows and movies nowadays where¬†more people are¬†gay than straight). While the captions are funny, I couldn’t include them without completely destroying the characters and the story. Aaron ‘Terminator’ Terrorzulli is a cocky, tough, pretty boy with muscles who would just as soon punch someone acting gay¬†towards him than actually be gay (and while that may offend someone who didn’t know any better, it was typical of what a cocky straight 14-year-old in 1988 would do).¬†Now while Keith ‘Slasher’ Klarkson is a loose-cannon character that would say or do anything, and Chrusher didn’t change much, Chris ‘Crasher’ Chassis also suddenly went all gay (or gay raped?) as well.

At the end, what was Ray going for? Ray’s a pretty big Mystery Science Theatre fan. He was MST/Rifftracking it.

Well, then it all clicked. The students in the background (they are fighting in a classroom and the students think it’s some impromptu play by glee club or something) now do what any group of teenagers would do. Mock stuff! And very harshly at times! Problem solved!

 photo chrusher19890128-with-mst.jpg


So the page now is a little busy… BUT… in my opinion it is considerably funnier than it had been for 27 years. Albeit LESS politically correct now than then!