Bald like your dick!

I’m like George Lucas Special Editioning my own work and the fans… well.. there are no fans. 🙁

Chris ‘Crasher’ Chassis’ nice spike stop is reduced to a buzz. Still a mullet party in the back though.

The character  interaction takes an extremely personal one, what with oozing holes in people’s mom’s and furry roast beef snatches being done.

Amazing how in 1988-89, schools were not declared weapon-free zones and people could wield katana blade swords in them. How progressive our society has become!

© 1988-89 Chris Galletta Stevens
(Remastered & Colored 11/26/2015)


Katana blades are some freakin’ sharp shit. So why is a high school kid dressed like a ninja swingin’ it around so carelessly? Smh. (B&W Version from 1988)


This panel from 1988-89 had an added speech bubble by an unknown fan. The graffiti that said, “I’m bald like my dick!” It was removed for the 2005 website debut. Guess what. Fuck being nice. Nice got me 0 hits for 10 years. I re-added it for the 2015 remaster.









Original, unaltered page from 1988, pencils on lined school notebook paper.