A video game about a lone Ninja and his faithful attack dog vs. an evil ninja horde. Yep, I’m there.

Originally drawn as an entry for an art contest (of forgotten origins) about the video game  of the same name for the Sega Genesis that I did when I was 16 or 17 years old in May 1991.

The original piece was vividly colored in colored pencil over my inks and sent in. This very poor black & white xerox copy is sadly all I have left of the piece, as in 1991, I did not have access to color scanners and printers. The scan from a poor resolution xerox is the best I could muster without attempting the time-consuming task of  recoloring it digitally. ( It’d be interesting, but why? Nobody cares. I see nobody writing any comments. 🙁 )

After sending it in (to a now forgotten contest) I never heard a single peep again, and even with the extensive interwebz collective knowledge of the year 2015, cannot find what contest this was, who won it, what they won and what the prizes were. I looked a few times on a few search engines. Nada. This happened to me often and I just gave up trying these stupid contests. When seeing the winners with lesser art than me, I figured I was late, I did something wrong, or the contest was either rigged or fake. I’m a very humble and soft-spoken guy, but even shy lil’ sixteen-year-old me knew I was a better artist than pretty much everybody else my age. Not arrogant, just truthful.

Regardless of the contest, ninja were a popular theme in my interests back then (and even now). Some of my favorite video games had ninjas (Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi, etc.), some of my favorite novels had ninjas (Eric Lustbader’s Nicholas Linnear novels), one of my favorite toys and comic books had ninjas (Larry Hama’s G.I. Joe comic with Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and others), and my own comic had ninjas. I had ninjas on the brain! Still do!

© 1991 Christopher Galletta Stevens @ chrusher.com
[Found, scanned and web-published 4/24/2015, nearly 24 years later!]