RaYzor dreams a popular young man dream… beautiful women throwing themselves at his genitalia.

The last we saw the “Mighty Hitman” RaYzor Cadildonian, he wasn’t so mighty. His past sins come back to hurt him.

After the events of The Wrath of the Rake War (as seen in this Season One Jumbo-Sized Finale), Ray was last seen attempting to finish the job of ‘ending’ Chris ‘Crasher’ Chassis — who was (as seen in the prologue of that issue) in a coma in the Oswegonian Hospital due to the Welforce Fully-Loaded-Condom-Launcher assault that Ray himself coordinated in order to take Crasher’s place at Chrusher’s side! (as seen in this Welforce issue) — Crasher awoke and knocked Ray out, leaving him in the hospital bed intended for Crasher with a swollen nose and a Nike tattoo on his forehead.

What will happen now?

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