Cover to 1989-90 Comic, remastered 12/2014

Cover to the long-lost 1989-90 comic, badly deteriorated due to age, remastered for the site in late November, early December 2014. Hot chicks started getting introduced to the series, and of course, puppy love and high school lust leads to much drama between the already wacky characters introduced in season one.

© Written & Illustrated 1989-90 and remastered/colored 2014 by Christopher Galletta Stevens



Year Two:

#11 | The Rize of The RaYzor (Jumbo-Sized Issue)

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Year Two bring Clouds of Darkness… a time most foreboding to the ChrusherComix Universe. Chrusher has gained a small amount of attention and fame when his exploits as a justice-loving high school vigilante (and his good friend Aaron Terminator’s mysterious passing) get noticed in the high school newspaper and television station. Secondly, the attention has garnered him interest¬†between three young ladies – classmates of his, and while one would think that the lustful affections of three well-developed¬†teenage girls would be heavenly for teenage Chrusher, his shyness around pretty girls and the attention from jealous boyfriend rivals is anything but for our young hero. Meanwhile, Hitman “RaYzor” Cadildonian is in a race against time as he must try to stop Chris “Crasher” Chassis from telling Chrusher the truth – that RaYzor attempted to destroy Crasher to take his place in the Conquerors as Chrusher’s 2nd in command. He enlists David SCruanot to help. All while Chrusher’s little brother’s friends want to join in Chrusher’s Conquerors, and create super-hero secret identities to impress the older Conquerors.¬†One of them, the¬† juvenile named Robbie “Roboman” Reegun, an immature¬†12-year-old boy – with an unhealthy obsession with evil masterminds in both human history and fiction – dressed up on a metal suit that dangerously emits lethal amounts of energy, and Chrusher is caught in an electric blast that leaves him incapacitated and believed dead. A will¬†believed left by Chrusher instruct the remaining Conquerors to have a No Holds Barred/Mixed- Martial-Arts/Wrestling/Boxing battle royale at Fort Crusher to determine who will become the new leader. RaYzor cheats to win, and leads the Conquerors into battle against the Welforce. But are they too much for RaYzor’s abilities?¬†Read it.