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No matter what your early-1990s console, Jo-Jo can be on your TV… huntin’, drivin’, bullyin’, and all that cool guy stuff, dudes!

The Jo-Jo Bunns Adventure Series only on Sucka Genesis and Super Nindildo!

– Take him hunting and try hard not to get outsmarted by the animals!

– Start swinging at people – friends, foes and strangers alike – just because you want to look cool in public.

– Bully your own friends to look like a tough guy in front of chicks!

– Bully anybody smaller than you, but allow people bigger than you to bully you (or be a cool guy in front of them and get them on your side).

– Pick sides on a football team where your team has all the big guys and the other team has all the small guys. Quit if your team is smaller.

– Drive on the wrong side of the road and park on blind hills!

– Roll your neon green Jeep!

– Offer to give people rides, then drop them off a mile from their homes. Say saves on gas.

– Leave your vehicle running for a half hour while you talk to people because it saves gas.

– Drive around for hours and visit friends instead of using the semi-modern technological invention called the telephone, but forget you’re conserving gas.

–  Drive as fast as you can over raised railroad tracks and attempt to get as much air as humanly possible. Laugh when your friends almost break their necks when their heads hit the ceiling.

– Show up to play Basketball or Football with your friends. Instead watch them and say you have to go bow hunting. Laugh at them if someone gets hurt or makes a bone-headed play.

– Fight unsuspecting people with your “Never gonna’ stop swinging™ roundhouse punches”, “Cyclone Butt Slam”™, and “Tough Guy Chest Thrust”™.

Only on your state of the art gaming console!

© 1993-1995 Christopher Galletta Stevens