Nonsensical bios meant to be funny. Mixed results due to a lot of inside jokes. You had to be there.


Chrusher Comix Universe РThe Bio-profiles of the 1988-1989 characters: 
Want to know what the 1988-89 Crusher Comic characters are all about? Well, if you read Episodes 1-22, then you essentially know. If you didn’t read Episodes 1-22, then this will give you a recap into most of the characters before my “Wrath of the Rake” Graphic Novel. Per usual in my 1st season of comics, the art and writing aren’t quite up to par of the latter episodes, but it still is funny, especially the pictures. (1 color cover & 25 b&w pages plus additional “unreleased promo issue” cover collection. Rarely-seen bonus pages featuring covers of a handful of prototype/never-completed issues of Crusher Comics that anybody could finish if they wanted. Or, I may leave them open for my own back-story purposes, 1989.)

© 1988-89 Christopher Galletta Stevens

From the desk of Christopher Galletta Stevens ~ 2006:
This is the “1989 Crusher Comics Universe” profile/tech spec/bio card collection. They, well… quite frankly… many of them were kind of nonsensical and goofy. More like inside jokes instead of real-life bios. Things like “he is approximately as strong as a truck, a lion, four bears and a jackrabbit” type stuff. Or making fun of someone’s income or place of residence. Some graffiti took hold as well (some beneficial, some harmful). But they still provide a great recap into the¬†characters¬†if you didn’t read all of the 1st 22¬†mini-episodes. Someday I need to make a real, up-to-date bio on this website, like most webcomics have. Problem is… I have so many characters and so many comics… that it would be quite a task to do, and I already spent a few years building the website and NOT drawing new comics… so c’mon, give me abreakk, will ya’? So… for now, here is my goofy 1988-89 edition! Enjoy!