Original Concept (12/1988)


Remastered Version (1/2016)

P.U. (Progressive Universe) Comics Presents:

When inaction is the only way to react!

When the land of Commieton exploded from no money and starving people, the sole survivor landed in Americaland. His mission from dad: to slowly change all of its citizens into socialism and eventually communism SO WE CAN ALL BE EQUAL AND NO RICH PEOPLE! It’s working!
Look! It’s a nerd! It’s a plane! No… it’s SUPER-WIMP!

When his welfare parents died at the hands of a Billionaire businessman throwing a toothpick into the road causing a car crash that caused the tow truck to run over their cardboard box, Wayne Bruce fights against capitalism and end poverty by eating all the food of rich people… until they, themselves die of poverty! Here comes…
FATMAN & RUNT-RASCAL, THE GIRLY-BOY UNDER! With His Girly-boy Under, a target of THE STROKER’s watch, (Don’t judge! Love should not have barriers!)

Created from the progressive relationship of an Amazon lady boy donating sperm to a greek god-dyke, She fights for every human being to be eligible for welfare checks! driven by her insatiable appetite for massive phallus…

© 1988-2016 Christopher Galletta Stevens | ChrusherComix Studios


The original concept, pencil on paper 1988:
Original Version