“I guess you could say that.”



The issue closes with Terminator taking credit for all of the unconscious bodies, and Justin Plankton’s parents finding the corpse of their son at the morgue. Boy, for a comedy, this shit just got real!

Merry Christmas ’88, by the way!

© 1988-89 Chris Galletta Stevens

Creator’s notes: I personally thought both my skills as an artist and writer were progressing nicely here. Heck, I was only 14 years old and I was carrying on a story with several characters, making some funny back-and-forth banter, and while keeping it mostly humorous, we see that the violence has consequences. A character has died due to the fighting.

As we go on, I started a letter’s column that started getting fan mail. I believe I did this as both something to do to get my classmates to stop doing graffiti to the actual art and maybe give me ideas on what they’d like to see go on as the comic runs along. My classmates were my source of inspiration for all of these early comics (it changed years down the road after high school, as I just created all my own stories from my own imagination). The problem is, on the very 1st page of fan letters, two fans/classmates decided to start a war between the two! 

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