ChrusherComix is a comic created, written, illustrated, and colored by Christopher Galletta Stevens with occasional canon “fan art” assists by friends and family. It started in 1988 when the author was in high school, and continued on and off into adulthood.

It is not a misspelling, rather an intentional portmanteau for Chris’ Crusher Comic Mix.

Chrusher: The End Cycle Graphic Novel

ChrusherComix: End Cycle

This graphic novel follows forensic artist, private detective and mixed martial artist Chace Kristoph, who for years has been on the trail of a sadistic rapist-murderer madman, while being haunted by the ghost of a woman from his past. While designed to be an independent stand-alone thriller, it is interconnected with the Classic ChrusherComix Anthology below.


Classic ChrusherComix Anthology

ChrusherComix: The Classics

The complete collection of over 1,000 comics following the story of Chace “Crusher” Kristoph and the dozens of crazy characters and situations mostly written and illustrated from 1988-2000 and digitally restored and colored from 2004-up. While it is mostly a character-driven comedy, it has underlying dramatic storyline threads that develop over the broad story and narratively set up and tie into the above “End Cycle” graphic novel series.


Christopher Galletta Stevens is a lifelong artist/writer/cartoonist with countless interests and hobbies (all spurred on by his OCD) who lives in Oswego, NY with his wife and young children.

While he wishes he could devote more time and make money via doing his comics and graphic novels as his childhood dream occupation, like many web cartoonists, he makes no money at it and must have a day job which leads to occasional hiatuses. His work is co-owning and co-operating a small business with his wife serving sushi locally most of the year, but he also volunteers helping his family’s greenhouse in the spring, and then races in, creates videos for, and operates the website of a go-kart racing club in every summer with his brother, friends and family.