Optimus Prime


Generation One Popular Autobots (1993)

I‘ve been a lifelong fan/collector of Transformers franchise since 1984 (toys, cartoon, animated movie, and comics). I collect them all, have all of my 1984-87 Transformers complete collection, all the old cartoons on broadcast taped VHS, two versions on DVD, animated movie on DVD AND Blu-ray, the music scores, and COUNTLESS of various Transformers of all eras between ’84 and now. And, as I write this, I am an absolutely addicted collector of Masterpiece Transformers. Safe to say, Hasbro and Takara (Takara-Tomy) has a fan and collector for life.


Transformers: Autobot Shuttle In Orbit (1993)

I was thinking about trying out for the comic books in 1993-94, but then never got around to sending in submissions. Back then, Transformers were in a flux, between Generation One and Two, one cancelled TV show, two cancelled comics, and were at a low-point in their popularity until Beast Wars cartoon breathed new life into the dying franchise, and 2007’s movie franchise brought the franchise to new and larger audiences around the world.

© 1993 Christopher Galletta Stevens (some colored in 2003). Art based on Hasbro/Takara characters.


Generation One Popular Decepticons (1993)

I drew in my preferred form – detailed and a little “meched-out” versions of their animation models. Standalones of Optimus Prime and Megatron, followed by some of the more popular Generation One¬†Autobots of the era:¬†Jazz, Grimlock, Kup, Bumblebee, Hot Rod, Ratchet, Wheeljack and Blaster. For the Decepticons, I drew Cyclonus, Shockwave, Scourge (or a Sweep). I also drew a couple of wordless scenes, including Optimus, Prowl and Perceptor having a conversation aboard an Autobot shuttle in orbit around a planet (presumably Earth, but could be anywhere), followed by a battle between G2 Optimus and Megatron, and Hot Rod vs. a few Decepticon “jets”.


Transformers: G2 Battle scene (1993)

I have plotted out a “fanfic” that takes place in the G1 cartoon universe since the mid 1990s that I never do. I know I am in a minority, but I liked the cartoons better than the comics, and that universe has been more ignored (mainly because people like the Primus origin over Quintessons, animation errors, minor plot holes and contradictions and such, but I disagree with that fan-based majority, wrote out many rescue devices for said contradictions, meanwhile the comic had some reeeeaaaly low low-points, especially through most of its original Marvel run). I probably should, as it would get more internet hits than my Chrusheromix and Towner comics, and heck, maybe get more fans into my original work. Maybe someday. Here’s the rest.


Megatron face (Pen and marker 1997)


Optimus Prime (Pen & ink 1997 / Corel Paint & Adobe Photoshop color 2003)


Megatron (Pen & ink 1997 / Corel Paint & Adobe Photoshop color)


Bumblebee (1993 pen & ink / Corel Paint & Adobe Photoshop color 2003)


Hot Rod / Rodimus (1993 pen & ink / Corel Paint & Adobe Photoshop color 2003)