Introducing The Last DaYz of the Glare (1990)

In 1989-90, some of my comics were so abusive, they pissed off the comic’s greatest fan/best friend/occasional co-collaborator, Ray. He tore up and threw a good 3 months of comics. 3-4 issues and probably 40-60 pages. I was pissed, as so were a bunch of the other comic fan/friends. Ray almost got beat up a few times from various people about it. I wasn’t much of a tough guy – all 120-130 lbs. of me back then as a 14-15 year old –  but even I wanted to give him a crack or two. But, alas, we forgave each other – thanks in part to the assistant principal calling us both down and talking it out, and giving me in-house suspension – and the comics resumed. Still best of friends and co-collaborators.

The comic resumed as half reboot and half continuation (I forgot most of the storyline that got destroyed, but part of it was Chrusher got a girlfriend who joined his Conqueror team as his justice-seeking partner, RaYzor was jealous of the new girlfriend taking Chrusher’s time and was acting very erratic and somewhat mentally-ill, and a new batch of characters introduced in the middle of The Wrath of the Rake (Year One Jumbo-Sized Finale) started making their presence felt, and Robo-Man Rob Reegan electocuted Chrusher, who was presumed dead! RaYzor then took over the Conquerors via cheating in the Conqueror battle Royale, etc….)