Christopher Galletta Stevens created Mr. Butts in the early 1980’s when he was a little kid who loved comic strips and cartoons. Here he brought him back for some cameos in his Chris’ Crusher Comics.

Original version (1988)

The original character in the ChrusherComix Universe was Mr. Butts. I created him as a little kid in maybe 2nd or 3rd or 4th grade or so (early 1980s… yes, I feel old saying that now, haha), and I drew a semi-ongoing series of strips featuring him and his family in many scenarios (he was kind of like Barbie with dozens of jobs, pastimes and hobbies – bowler, boxer, wrestler, surfer, construction worker, teacher, scientist, dad, husband, soldier, ally of Transformers… how he had time for all that, I’ll never know, I drew it when I was a kid, haha).

I drew it from the early ’80s up until 1987 or so, when I started drawing The (Mis)adventures of Mike Butski and then they transformed into Chris’ Crusher Comics and Welforce in 1988-89. Here, Mr. Butts returned with an even bigger gut and a gun. A newer, tougher Mr. Butts, a loveable loser who finally snapped and decided to bring justice into his own hands – looking like The Punisher here, which was probably my inspiration for drawing it. Butts makes a cameo or two in the comics later on, so keep an eye out for him.

[PS – This Mr. Butts could totally kick the @$$ of that really stupid-looking cigarette in that wicked lame-o lefty comic strip that does not belong with the Sunday funnies (supposed to be apolitical funnies for kids and families alike). That belongs in the editorial because it is a political strip, NOT the Sunday morning comics page.]

NOTE: I do have most of my Mr. Butts comics. I may upload them someday… but, they’re really nothing much other than the fact that they were good for an elementary school kid.