HE’S BLACK & WHITE! Wait, what?


LOOK! HE’S COLORED! Wait… what?






Chrusher Comix #4 – Crusher Episode #12 – Rake Science & The Origin of Keith Slasher Pt. 2:

The origin of The Slasher! Keith “The Slasher” is born! While being raked in tha naked ass by Scott “Mad Cow” Gagnoni, normal, every-day freshman high school student (and long-time classmate of Chrusher) Keith Clarkson is horribly scarred and must don a hood. But a side-effect of the muto-rake-job due to Keith reading an X-Men comic and watching a G.I. Joe cartoon before school was the growth weird metal claws that grew from his knuckles and the desire to wear a hood (a slice of Justin Plankton’s bloody robe). Bad news for the perverted Cow! And why does he look like the offspring of Wolverine and Cobra Commander? Bonus-sized Christmas-break issue. (18 b&w pages, 1988.)

© by Christopher Galletta Stevens (after McFarlane)
Illustration – 12/1988
Digitally Colorized – 4/26/2015

Shameless rip-off?! No, its called A HOMAGE, you jerk!

 photo incredible-hulk-340_zps86db2970.jpg

Chris, you hack!

Ah, a tip of the hat to Todd McFarlane’s famous Hulk/Wolverine cover. I was a big McFarlane fan back then, and still love his kinetic, proportionally exaggerated, highly embellished style, especially from around that era. Many people blast his art as sometimes having poor anatomy and layout, but it is eye-catching. One could make the most perfectly drawn comic book page in the world, but if it doesn’t catch the reader’s eye, then nobody will care. In my mind, finding the best of both worlds would be key, and what I aim for in my more mature books. His influence is still visible in my newer comics today, and longtime comic collectors will see the homage to this classic cover. Except, when I was 14, I couldn’t draw THAT good. I could pull it off now. Back then, I paid a pretty penny for that issue at my local comic shop, and it still doesn’t go cheap.

 photo 1989-01-23-The-Birth-of-The-Slasher-Keith-Clarkson.jpg

Yep. Good classic, vintage stuff.