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Ad for "Wrath of the Rake" 1989 Graphic Novel

Ad for “Wrath of the Rake” 1989 Graphic Novel


“Me and my friends will KILL CRUSHER!”

Ronald swears revenge for RaYzor Hitman’s betrayal and subsequent humiliating beat down by Chrusher.

Creator’s note: I was really pimping the ’89 Graphic novel back then. Little good it did… people just read these “free” comics (Crusher Comics, Welforce, Hitman comics) and didn’t pay for printed copies of the pay-per-view “Wrath of the Rake” graphic novel. In fact, despite the fact that it was the giant, jumbo-sized, colored finale of year one, a handful of new characters debuted, and a character or two or three perished, nobody read it until 1990 when I finally relented and showed them. People are so cheap, yesterday, now and tomorrow.