“You know what my ass is capable of, son.”

The Welphys rampage through the gathering in their family SUV and hit the fleeing faux Mare,  confusing it for a “Roswell Alien”!

Some memorable quotes:

“They have Roswell Aliens flyin’ around here! C’mon before you get abducted!”
-Annette Welphy

“You know what my ass is capable of, son.”
-Thomas Welphy

This is another page in my series of quickly-drawn comics meant to get laughs amongst my friends and family. Little did I know when I originally did them in 1997 that I would color them and publish them for the world to see a few years later, but I did. I hope you enjoy them as much as me, my friends and family do.

© Written & Illustrated by Christopher Galletta Stevens (1997)
Colored & Web-published by Christopher Galletta Stevens (2006)
Re-issued on the new online by Christopher Galletta Stevens (2013)