Original Version.

Jo-Jo has had enough, as putting together all of the pranks that the Junior Conquerors – his friends, by the way – pulled on him in retaliation to Jo-Jo’s bullying. All supposed to be good natured, but he couldn’t take what he dished out. His “dudes”, big football players themselves home mid-game. Meanwhile, a new, lesser – but nonetheless horrid – menace is discovered, as a kid named Joey admits that he enjoys shitting his pants when there are no girls around to impress, and with no girls around at the backyard football game, he let ‘er rip.

© 1995 Christopher Galletta Stevens



APRIL 19th, 2006 UPDATE: The comics are moving along steadily now, with my main page usually showing the most recent comic. Though this story is setting up a future story, and somewhat leans in past stories (which the archive completely contains – and you non-retards-who-act-more-retarded-than-a-handicapped-person… the “archive” means hundreds of back pages… all comics with a connective thread of something called… a story, so read ’em)… this particular issue starts here. By the way, I based the kid with the Nazi shirt after a neighbor that I had. He was always a little odd, but a likeable, kooky kid, and got picked on for being a little nutty. Nutty, you say? Well, he used to idolize every evil, murderous character in human history and movie history. He would later go on to steal a porno tape from a few of the neighbors who used to pass it around (yep, that’s what teenage boys used to do  back before the interwebs, tapes and magazines were shared – how far porn has come, lol) a guy’s car at knife-point… actually stab him (a kid I went to school with) in the throat right down the road from my house (he survived, but he has a scar) the same night that my mom had a dream about him getting in trouble and trying to rob us! He was found and arrested by a police officer several states away with a pistol hanging out of his pants, and was last seen heavily sedated and working as a grocery bagger several years ago. I probably should draw that… but the story is so messed up (especially if you know the quiet area that I live) that nobody would believe it, just like that old clichĂ© says. Ha… I may draw it anyway.

FEBRUARY 13th, 2014 UPDATE: When uploading this old page to the new website, I noticed that the book was drawn for people who knew the inside joke. Bad writing when expanding the audience to the world wide web. Thus, some of the bully-prick-like stuff Jo-Jo did to nearly everybody at the game was expressed to put a little back-story into why everyone was so mad at him. Enjoy!