The epic conclusion to the infamous Rake Science. To this, Cow says… “RAKE IT!!!!!!!” – Cow



Spooky coincidence. This page was done Friday, January 13th, 1998.

It was then uploaded to the interwebs on Friday, January 13th, 2006.

And it’s an eerie pencil drawing of a skull in a black cloak.

OK… that’s like… wicked wicked strange. Like… wow.


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Chrusher Comix Episode #13a РEnter: The Grim Raker: 
Unlucky issue #13 was originally produced on Friday the 13th of January, 1988. And unlucky it is… for Chrusher. Justin “The Strangler” Plankton is dead. But not for long when toxic waste is dumped on his grave. Reborn as the supernaturally-charged “Grim Raker”, Justin plots his revenge against the ones who stood against him in his former human life. Also includes the¬†1st appearance of RaYzor.¬†Two smaller issues combined, with the formation of “The Rake Hectors” revealed. A critical prelude to the events of “The Graphic Novel.” (21 b&w pages, 1988.)