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Well? How did you do, children? The winnor gets to kiss my ass and give me $100 for the honor. Thank you.

chrusher19940217bOgre was given an abusive phone call by Jeffery Egglestone. who due to his duty in the Coast Guard missed out on the action of the Ogre beatdown wars and felt left out. Ogre did not appreciate Jeffery reminding him of the time that he farted bare-assed in Ogre’s face as he napped (to which he spank/slap/pushed it away) and telling him that he was going to beat him up when he returned to Oswegonia, and Ogre actually found it in his hear to write Jeff a letter, complete with portraits of the “Devil Boysz”. 

There is also a quiz for your observant peoples. Enjoy, or else.

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