"Full moons make me run shirtless through fields and look for things to stab while sweat smolders off my heaving body, bub."

Some "fan art" of Marvel Comics' Wolverine (circa around 1992 by me; the then-18 year old Christopher Galletta Stevens). At the time, Chris' Crusher Comics had concluded upon graduation, and I was thinking of trying out for some comic book companies. Back then, I was a bigger fan of Marvel (was a big fan of the Spider-Man, X-Men, Transformers, G.I. Joe books) than DC (though I loved the Batman titles). This was before modern day computer graphics made it possible to make a comic book movie worth a crap (the Christopher Reeve Superman movies scored by John Williams music and Batman movies scored with Danny Elfman music the only notable exceptions in my book). My Wolverine was inspired by three of my favorite artists of that era - Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee and Art Adams. Regardless, hand this may be hard to believe, but I never tried out for one comic book company. Back then, much like the reason I didn't ask out very many girls, I was terribly shy and afraid of rejection. Matured a bit since then, happy to say.

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