Don’t smash your computer yet, son. You’ll need it to read CHRUSHERCOMIX. And become smart and happy!

To introduce ChrusherComix to the webworld. (Ha, one of my favorite Transformer episodes!)

Too many fucking furries?

Too many D&D/Magic/Princess/Knight character comics?

Too many “GAMER” comics? (And why the fuck would someone read a comic about people playing video games anyway?! Just play them!)

Too many low-IQ, shitty, not-interesting college-life love stories (that aren’t about love and are also lame)? Some of which are so shitty looking and unsexy that you wonder why they even bother?

To many emo white kids pretending to be Japanese kids drawing absolutely horrid-looking Manga-from-mildy-retarded-artists-from-hell comics?

Me too.

Try something completely original. SOmething that began before webcomics existed, and continues on its path unaltered by all those horrid cliches of the market.

En-fukcing-joy. Bitches.