“Fan art” written & illustrated by Keith Clark. Adult content. Viewer discretion advised.


Keith… is… FUCKED!

As a bumper/buffer/bonus comic between two chapters (The Welphy comic and The RaYzor’s Edge), Keith Clark creates some “canon” fan art. RaYzor C follows up with some of his own. As does my brother, Matt! And my mom, Mary! I accept all submissions, and if I like it, and I can work it into the storyline, I’ll make it canon. Enjoy!

Chrusher Comix: Fan Art Section III – Keith Slasher and Supplement-Boy Comix
Also, read yet another fan art section… my psycho buddy Keith Clark’s “Anti-RaYzor Slasher Comix” which are entirely evil and do have some adult content like an unholy matrimony between a horror comic and a gay porn comic. Very gross… I’m warning you. Then again, that’s probably what the readers want because you young kids are all messed up like that, aren’t ya’s. Pervs. Anyways, after seeing the punishment that Keith piled on Ray’s RaYzor character, Ray responded with RaYzor’s response here. Then, my own brother, Matt “Mush” Stevens’ does a Welphy Family comic! The odd thing about my comics? It is a giant sketchbook with a storyline and I actually make the fan art canon to the rest of the story (though sometimes I am forced to edit it or add to it)! Again, any bozo out there in interwebland can make a fan-art comic and submissions will be accepted (try either my message board or email) and if it fits into my general story, it’ll be authorized as canon. If not, be careful, it may backfire on you.


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