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"He is magnificent..."

I was pretty proud of my hot chicks that I drew, considering that the vast majority of my prior comics were slapstick violence and comedy with periodic dramatic interludes involving mostly male characters. I kind of forced women into the storyline just to have an excuse to draw them. I owe many artists for my style -- Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Bill Watterson, Art Adams, Floro Dery,  Sh?hei KoharaJohn Byrne, Marc Silvestri, Don Figueroa to name a few -- but these "hot chick" pages were heavily inspired by the now late Michael Turner, one of my favorite artists who died far too young, as he had a lot of art to give us (and inspire fellow artists such as myself). This page is an homage to him and his beautiful style.

© 1999 Christopher Galletta Stevens
(Colorized Winter 2006)

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