Battle of the Bloodsword – Chrusher: Year Three, Pt. 4 (1991) [Alternate Cover]

The Chaos Conjuror Babah’s seemingly inexhaustible hordes of ninja trainees attack Matsuo – Chrusher’s Ninjutsu Master – en route to the Secret Lair.

Repurposed alternate “NINJA BATTLE!” cover for the fourth and final chapter of Chrusher: Year Three… THE BATTLE OF THE BLOODSWORD! Originally colored pencil over inks, the original was sent into an art contest (and presumably lost) and a black and white Xerox is the only copy of this page in known existence.

© 1991 Christopher Galletta Stevens – CHRUSHER.COM

(Yeah, you could say that I was pretty obsessed with Ninjas at 16 years old! Okay, twenty-plus years later and I still am! 😉 )

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