The Dark Conquerors #3 – The Introduction of the Welphys

As the Dark Conquerors pummel their enemies, rendering them into ruined, barely alive zombies at the Oswegonian Hospital, The Welphys enter the picture. Elderly, obese, coprophilias, cantankerous, abusive, hateful, two-faced… the Welphy family take the ChrusherComix Universe to all-new lows. Don’t believe me? Just read it. Stain your eyes for good.

While tired 1990s *Wanna-be-Cutting-Edge-Cool-But-Actually-Played-Out-Bigoted-Rocker-That-Actually-Suck* “musicians” have “consenting adult activities” in a dark closet somewhere, a little boy witnesses the early arrival of St. Nick. Er… But why is he riding a broken telepohone pole and not a sleigh?

Written & Illustrated by Christopher Galletta Stevens; Created – 1997, Colored – 7/2006