Jo-Jo is on a vengeful rampage at the backyard football game, and recalls when he claims to have seen Ian’s sadistic and giggly little brother Babs scratched an offensive statement on his classic, yellow VW Bug, to which he didn’t understand.

A graphic novel & comic book written, illustrated, colored & © by Chris Galletta Stevens with a 20-year archive.


Creator’s Note: This comic is loosely based on a grossly parodic mis-characterization of a friend who was mostly a really good guy that was generally well-liked, but had an irrational temper and would at times bully his VERY OWN FRIENDS who liked him! I was one! I grew up with him, loved him like a brother, hung out with him a lot in our school years, be a great dude, and then all of the sudden, in public, and he’d just bully people – myself included – to make himself look tough and cool – hence one of his nicknames was “the Cool Guy.” Mutual friends pointed out repeatedly that he kind of had a big butt for (at the time) a teenaged guy, but it was not THAT big. The drawing became the character, and a large-assed guy with a bad temper who bullied people just looked so damn funny. Again, these characters were inspired by my imagination going wild, and sometimes real-life situations kind of sparked an idea, but these are in no way intentionally meant to mock people. I love and miss the guy that unintentionally spawned this ridiculously-shaped character. As a general rule, I entertained myself, my friends, and my family with them, and in no way is meant to mock anybody. They are my f***’ed up imagination focused through the lens of my sequential art, and not based on the actions of a real-life human being who I called one of my best childhood friends. Period.

Although this comic is from 1994-95 (the first four panels), this page has an additional seven bonus panels that were plotted, but not illustrated until uploaded on the new site on 2/12/2014 to finally complete the twenty-year half-done page.

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