“Call upon Theodore’s son…”

A shadowy figure calls in Mr. Symynstr and has some nefarious plans for the student who has hospitalized Ron Foule twice and Obliterator once. A 20th Anniversary Bonus Scene!

For the 20th Anniversary of ChrusherComix, I composed a series of bonus material that provided a little backstory to the previously existing one. Fleshing it out a bit more so it fits better with the future storylines. When I was 14, I didn’t think THAT far ahead and never imaged the book going for decades, asm ost of this early stuff was character driven and done completely for laughs between my friends and I. However, as the series went on, plotlines and narrative continuity became more important to me as I matured as both a writer and a person.

In modern times, this is called “retcon”, and when it is done respecting the existing material and adding depth to it without significantly altering or ruining it, it’s great. When forced and it alters the original author’s intent, it’s bad. I AM the original author, know the material, and know what will enhance it and what will ruin it.

Even so, it is sometimes looked down upon by some comic “purists”. I call it, f***ing awesome, and to those who have a problem with it? Shut the f*** up, get laid already, nerd. And not @n@lly. Jerk.

OK, well, I admit, THAT was uncalled for.

(c) Written & Illustrated 2008 by Christopher Galletta Stevens (for the original 1988 issue #2 print exclusive).

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