1988-10-01-Crusher-Comics-Classic-2-A-Cow's-Fury CLASSIC CHRUSHERCOMIX #2 - Teenage Mutant Raking Cow!

"Chrusher" must face the crazed student known as Scott "The Cow" - and the madness of his lethal rakes. Yes, I said rakes. But Cow is not the only foe that is lurking... a powerful enemy with an insatiable desire for inflicting pain is waiting in the wings for violent revenge! A digitally re-mastered collection of the "Chris' Crusher Comics" Mini-Issues #4-6 from 1988 printed for the very first time!

Time to Rake Myself - ChrusherComix 1988 photo 1988-11-29-Time-To-Rake-Myself.jpg

The Madness of the Teenage Mutant Raking Cow Continues - ChrusherComix Classics #2 1988

It is the year 1988, and a heroic young lad nicknamed "Chrusher" must face friends, foes, nerds, misfits, bullies, people of alternate lifestyle choices, and corrupt faculty members in his quest for normalcy and justice in a small but strange high school. That, um, will not happen in this book. This story is ****ed. (Please advise, this comic is suitable only for 14-and-up. I'd say higher, but a 14-year-old wrote and drew it).

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Repro cover from 1988 original artwork:

 photo chrusher19881201.jpg

Which of these Bare Plump Cheek Butts Gets The Rake?

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