Cow is a perverse lad who rakes himself to sleep at night. He also comes in contact with a radioactive mutagenic grease that bonded his cells with the DNA of the last animal he was in contact with… the Cows… that’re in his gut with that last cheeseburger he pounded down, er… swallowed whole. Yeah… that’s it. What else would he be doing… with cows. He’s not a farmer… oh boy.

CLASSIC CHRUSHERCOMIX #2 – Teenage Mutant Raking Cow!

“Time to Rake Myself!” – Cow (ChrusherComix 1988)

“Chrusher” must face the crazed student known as Scott “The Cow” – and the madness of his lethal rakes. Yes, I said rakes. But Cow is not the only foe that is lurking… a powerful enemy with an insatiable desire for inflicting pain is waiting in the wings for violent revenge! A digitally re-mastered collection of the “Chris’ Crusher Comics” Mini-Issues #4-6 from 1988 printed for the very first time!

It is the year 1988, and a heroic young lad nicknamed “Chrusher” must face friends, foes, nerds, misfits, bullies, people of alternate lifestyle choices, and corrupt faculty members in his quest for normalcy and justice in a small but strange high school. That, um, will not happen in this book. This story is ****ed. (Please advise, this comic is suitable only for 14-and-up. I’d say higher, but a 14-year-old wrote and drew it).

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Time to Rake Myself - ChrusherComix 1988 photo 1988-11-29-Time-To-Rake-Myself.jpg

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Cow is a perverse lad who rakes himself using a mutagenic grease that bonded his cells with the DNA of Cows. Cheeseburger in his gut? We think. Er, hope….

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