Cow LOVES watching The Maury Povich Show!

As Welphys exit the gathering at Galletta’s in their family SUV, Cow Gangnoni is interrupted from watching the Maury Povich show by his good buddy, cop Chuck Johnson! Ignoring proptocol, he delivers….

This is another page in my series of quickly-drawn comics meant to get laughs amongst my friends and family. Little did I know when I originally did them in 1997 that I would color them and publish them for the world to see a few years later, but I did. I hope you enjoy them as much as me, my friends and family do.

Some may notice that this page is a little bigger/longer than most (some are, my friends… some are), and those would be astute. I added a few extra bonus panels in 2006 for the web-audience, as, again, originally the work was not meant to be shown to all and it fleshes out some of the “inside jokes” that friends and family would “get”, but would go totally over the collective heads of the mainstream interweb audience.

© Written & Illustrated by Christopher Galletta Stevens (Summer 1997)
Colored & Web-published by Christopher Galletta Stevens (Fall 2006)
Re-issued on the new online by Christopher Galletta Stevens (Spring 2013)