Nakadashi provides a moment of content.

©  1995 – A graphic novel & comic book written, illustrated & colored by Christopher Galletta Stevens

Author’s note from April 2006: This (and the previous) page was mostly completed in 1994 or so. Because it was a deleted scene (that I have only debuted now), I left the page a little more than half-done. It is a very dark side-story to the otherwise comedic content, and I left it as a deleted scene. Noticing that the #1 Web-search that my site gets hits is from “Free Adult comics” (and the fact that I personally like it) I decided to re-insert this scene. Not to mention that it ties into forthcoming stories that I am currently plotting / co-plotting with a friend. So, I had to finish pencil and inking it for the webcomic audience. Forgive the jarring back-and-forth, but it is not without precedent… I’ve seen plenty of movies and television programs go from serous to humorous on a dime, so it will eventually make sense as the story progresses. Despite the page mostly being from 1994 or so,  the last four panels were completed April 18th, 2006 to complete the scene for re-insertion. It has adult content, but this is a thriller.