"Get the fuck off the fucking ground."

A mysterious figure on a snowmobile approaches the awaking Cory and Shark. Hilarity ensues.

© 1994-95 Christopher Galletta Stevens

Editor's note:
"This page is WAY too funny. These characters were based after a friend of mine and his two friends; two kids that I used to play football with. I always got a long great with Dan, but the two were obnoxious and disrespectful to me and my brother. One, a cop's son, even blew up my mailbox, pissed in a squirt gun and sprayed at people, threw rock's at my parent's house to dent up the aluminum siding and then grew up to be a cop himself. I saw in the paper that he served our country in Iraq and is now married with kids, so I think he must've grown up from that. At least I'd hope so!"

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