"In a few minutes, sugar-blubbs."

Martin Scovillian ruminates as his lover Beth looks on.

( © 1994-95 Christopher Galletta Stevens)

NOTE: Any of you enjoy my psychotic Ninja story line and are temporarily confused with this comedic story line? This text is for you! I am continuing that in short interludes during this main story, and part two will be uploaded in the next issue. It will eventually develop into being the main plot. Please let me know if you'd like to see my more dramatic comics, or my comedic ones, because I go back and forth between them at will, and whatever one gets more interest and comments will get more of my attention and updates. There is much more to that story waiting to be told. Remember, I write and draw to the reactions of my audience and I usually like to give the audience what it likes best, as it makes me create more. And so far, amongst my friends, that has been comedy, and I *LOVE* getting my readers in stitches, although I get more personal satisfaction from my thriller comics. So if the dramatic stuff is interesting you more, let me know and I'll put it up. I have more of it drawn and more that is yet to be drawn. Thanks and keep checking for updates!

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