Chrush, Mush, and Ogre race go-karts at Galletta’s! Drawn by RaYZor!

Oh that tricky RaYzor! From the early 1990s to today, the creator/author/artist of this website – Chris Stevens –  has raced go-karts at Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway (and Oswego Speedway as well in the late 2000’s). He and his brother Matt have combined for more karting wins than anybody in the area, and probably the entire state of New York since then.

Well, RaYzor C. watched a few of those races, not to mention joined in a few as well (even though RaY has never been the sporty-type, he still enjoyed his few races he ran). Back in the early days, it was just Chris, his brother Matt, and their dad Wes having tough-nosed, wheel-to-wheel, grind-it-out battles, which was one of the reasons they are so calm, skilled, and seasoned in the large races now. It grew and grew into the monster racing club – the longest-running and largest division in Oswego county – that it is today with hundreds of drivers joining us over the years, weekly points races all Summer and a 200-lap season finale every Fall. But Ray captures the early days where we argued a lot and broke a lot of chains. Nowadays, those karts are like tanks and are tough to break. Go ahead and check out the website, which is one of Chris’ time-consuming projects:

In every June through October, this comic's creator races weekly in, calculates the statistics for, creates race DVDs for, and operates the website for a karting league that he co-created: the Galletta's Karting Club. Each season races every Sunday starting in June </a>. We have an extensive collection of DVDs to every race since mid-2005 and every Annual Galletta's Go-Kart Klassic since 1999, with many of these races also documented via highlights on YouTube and Chris' personal YouTube channel since 2007. We have a ton of fun, and it shows in our website and YouTube videos. The author is a multi-time champion, one of the all-time winningest drivers in Oswego County, and and will defeat you. Don't believe him? Bring it, son. See you there!