This panel served as a gateway to this comic. However, my comic and kart racing sites have zero audience crossover. Minus maybe me.

Is Keith Slasher telling another one of his tall tales as he describes RaYzor having inappropriate relations with his father? And this is a crossover comic with one of my other sites — Galletta’s Backyard Karting Club. And yes, people really do hate us so much that they’d shoot us if they could. So weird… just over go-karts.

©, Written & Illustrated 1997, colored & Web published 2006 by Christopher Galletta Stevens

P.S. – The Anti-Semitism in one panel does NOT reflect the views of the writer/artist of this comic. The comic is based on character traits of people that the artist/writer knows that he used as an example of bullying, and this may or may not have been something one of his old friends said to one of his other friends. I do not believe in PC censorship, so the insult — even though highly disagreeable — will stay.

Original, uncolored version. (1997)