The Obliterator is coming. A large, blonde-haired, bue eyed monster of a man with a bad temper and more muscles than common sense. Man, that dude just looks freakin' SCARY mad.

The legend begins. It is the year 1988, and a fourteen-year-old high school freshman starts doodling a sketchbook with a storyline to amuse himself and his classmates. Little did anyone know that it was the beginning of a comic that would go on for decades. The art may be crude, as is the humor, but... everything has a beginning. It features a young lad named Chrusher, and his friends Ron Foule and Mike Butski, who had an almost Pro-Wrestling type rivalry going on, having battles of one-upmanship in the halls of the Oswegonian high school. And it seemed as if every few pages, new characters come out of the background and add more hilarity, violence, and entertainment. Enjoy.

In addition to the crude pencil-on-lined-paper art first created in 1988, this page is essentially unchanged from the original pencil-on-paper from 9/1988. In 2012, while prepping the page on Photoshop, it got a coloring upgrade in 2012 for the website.

© 1988 Written & Illustrated by Christopher Galletta Stevens (2012 Color)

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