“Let the Slaughter Begin!

“Decisions, Decisions, Decisions….”
– Ronald Foule contemplates his first two high school freshman puppy loves…

The legend begins. It is the year 1988, and a fourteen-year-old high school freshman starts doodling a sketchbook with a storyline to amuse himself and his classmates. Little did anyone know that it was the beginning of a comic that would go on for decades. The art may be crude, as is the humor, but… everything has a beginning.

In addition to the crude pencil-on-lined-paper art first created in 1988, while learning how to use Photoshop in 2004, the author went back and colored this golden oldie.

© 1988 Written & Illustrated by Christopher Galletta Stevens (2004 Color)

Here is the original work. Pencil on lined paper from 1988:

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