The 20th Anniversary cover to the 1st issue of Chris' Crusher Comics - AKA ChrusherComix for short!

The 20th Anniversary cover to the 1st issue of Chris' Crusher Comics - AKA ChrusherComix for short!

In 1988, an Oswego High School freshman named Chris Stevens decided to take his talent of drawing and entertain himself and his friends by drawing a sketchbook-with-a-storyline featuring character-driven comedy and violence. It became a hit. This whole website is devoted to the ongoing series that started as sketches on lined paper and evolved into the sophisticated professional artwork you see today. Enjoy!

Classic ChrusherComix #1 | Chrusher vs. Foule vs. Butski!

It is the year 1988, and two 14-year-old high school misfits and nerds -- named Mike Butski and Ronald Foule -- have a fight in the Oswegonian High School hallways, then drag Chris Crusher into their spat. This seemingly meaningless high school disagreement birthed a twenty year grudge match which spreads all the way to the "Chrusher: End Cycle" graphic novel. Witness the humble beginnings of the "ChrusherComix" universe and watch it grow from an amateur, silly serial in a high school notepad twenty years ago to a full-fledged comic book today. The complete collection begins with this issue, which is itself a collection of the first three mini-issues in normal comic book format. Enjoy!

In the late 1980s at an everyday high school in Oswegonia, a war is brewing between a band of nerds and misfits known as The Welforce, inept and corrupt school faculty, low-level criminal masterminds, and a band of teen quasi-vigilantes known as The Conquerors - led by a lad known as Chris Crusher - or Chrusher for short. Starting in 1988 when 14-year-old Christopher Galletta Stevens drew a comic book in high school study hall to entertain himself and his friends. The book continued ever since, and -- after never seeing print and being in storage for two decades -- has now finally seen publication! Read the exciting, humorous, and highly action-packed "sketchbook with a storyline" from the first crappily-done issues! The saga ends in the new interrelated -- but not interdependent -- "Chrusher: End Cycle" - which is also being printed simultaneously. Enjoy the unknown comic book which readers call the funniest 'unknown' comic they ever read!

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